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National Council of State Boards of Examiners

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NCSB Awards

NCSB recognizes the accomplishments of individuals or entities that have made significant contributions to the regulation of speech-language pathology and/or audiology.  These contributions are recognized through the presentation of the NCSB Special Recognition Award and the NCSB Honors of the Association.  The award(s) are presented annually at the NCSB Fall conference and are in the form of a certificate or plaque.  Acknowledgement of the award is also recognized through submission of a letter of commendation from NCSB in the recipient’s name to the licensing board in the state where service occurred, or to the organization or other entity where the recipient is employed.

Note:  Each member state, member organization/entity, or individual member is limited to the submission of one nomination per year.  Current members of the NCSB Board of Directors are not eligible for nomination.  The Honors Committee will select a nominee or nominees qualified to receive each award and submit their recommendation(s) to the NCSB Board of Directors for final approval.

Specific criteria for each award can be found by clicking the links below.  Nomination procedures are detailed in the application that can be downloaded from this web site.

Honors Award

  • Louise Colodzin
  • Eugene Cooper
  • Kenneth Gist
  • Nahale Kalfas
  • Connie Lynch
  • Suzanne Pevey
  • George Purvis
  • Randolph Reaves
  • Sherry Sancibian
  • Michael Seidemann
  • Roberta Silver
  • Ayn Stehr
  • Virginia Walker
  • Theresa Rodgers
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