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Spring 2018

23 Mar 2018 12:26 PM | Anonymous

NCSB Newsletter

Spring 2018


BY: Vickie Pullins

Greetings from Daniels, West Virginia, where we have 5 inches of snow with more coming down. It is always this time of the year that I am looking forward and glancing backward.

Our conference last September, 2017, was the 30th year celebration of NCSB in New Orleans, LA. We focused our conference on licensure portability, threats to licensure across the nation and the importance of story telling as we navigated the climate of de-regulation. We wore our beads, ate some crawfish, drank some hurricanes, and cut the cake to celebrate our 30th birthday. It was a memorable celebration!

As we look forward, my thoughts are drawn to the amazing FARB (Federal Association of Regulatory Boards) conference I attended in January.. It was a time to get recharged and empowered to carry out the mission and vision of our regulatory boards. We heard a lot of chatter about de-regulation and the importance of “story telling” related to consumer protection. We all left California determined to tell our stories.

As a business leader for 30 years, I know that to lead any effective organization we must know “why” we do what we do. So why does NCSB exist?

  • To facilitate communication and interaction among state boards concerning licensure
  • To promote the protection of consumers
  • To stimulate interest in and discussion of issues pertaining to licensure boards
  • To provide a forum for discussion

If I were to tell my story of NCSB, I would begin with my first NCSB conference in 2010 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I attended that conference with our executive director, Patty Nesbitt. We attended the pre-conference training and listened as the presenters told their stories of challenge and success across the nation regarding regulation. We sat at table with other board members to exchange stories concerning licensure. We heard the importance of consumer protection and listened to stories about consumers who were protected by the regulatory boards. The conference was filled with discussions of issues pertaining to licensure boards.
And even after daily sessions ended, NCSB provided an informal forum for discussions related to our responsibilities as members of our respective boards. We returned to WV and began telling “our story” to our other board members and the rest is history. We are now active participants in NCSB because we believe in the vision and mission.

You are encouraged to send one or more Board representatives to the 31st annual NCSB conference. The conference will be held in Vienna, Virginia, October 4-6, 2018. The Board of Directors met the first weekend in March to develop the agenda, and while topics are still being discussed, the conference will touch on many issues facing our regulatory boards, issues that deal with both regulation and de-regulation.

While leading NCSB this year, I want to encourage you to “tell your story”. Tell your story to consumers, professionals, state and federal legislators and yes, to other states who have not yet seen the value in our national organization. As we have seen across our nation in the most recent weeks, there is power in numbers and collaboration. We need each other to form a more empowered band of professionals who believe that consumer protection is essential and non-negotiable.

I would like to challenge each of our member boards to reach out to at least one other board that does not belong to NCSB and “tell your story”. Invite them to join you in carrying out our vision and mission at NCSB. I’ve tried many marketing strategies over the years in my business. However, none is more effective than one patient telling another patient “their story”.

I’m excited about the year ahead! We will face some challenges and celebrate some victories. My hope is that we will expand our membership to create a strong, more empowered band of advocates for consumers. TELL YOUR STORY!





NCSB: State compacts


Call for nominations

membership in ncsb

Ncsb welcomes gregg thornton



30th Annual Conference Held in New Orleans

In New Orleans, Louisiana, from September 14-16, 2017, NCSB hosted its 30th annual conference. The conference began with Board Member Training and included a presentation by a board attorney. Following the statutory authority session in the morning, attendees participated in a mock disciplinary hearing, discussed ethical decision-making utilizing board scenarios, examined complaints, and drafted a consent order.

The next morning began with a presentation by Rick Masters who discussed the issue of licensure portability. Following that presentation, Kerri Phillips and Susan Adams presented an update on the status of the licensure compact. NahaleKalfas then provided an FTC update related to the North Carolina Dental Board issue and its subsequent Supreme Court decision.

Attendees then participated in the corporate business meeting where an anniversary luncheon spotlighting the 30 year history of NCSB was held. In addition to a historical perspective relating to the formation of the group, information was also presented regarding the original NCSB mission and how that mission has changed because of the importance of speech-language pathology and audiology licensing across the country.

That afternoon a panel presented threats to licensure, and a session followed relating to supervision and regulation in the professions. Updates to the Praxis and a discussion of new CAA standards updated licensees on recent changes to the professions.

As was expected, the state information exchange the following morning proved to be a very interactice session where attendees shared successes and challenges in their respective states. A closing session focusing on social media and its relation to speech-language pathology and audiology provided attendees with “food for thought” as they considered the ethical challenges involved with the implementation of social media in the area of regulation.




The NCSB Board of Directors met March 1 and 2 to develop the program for the next NCSB Conference to be held October 4-6, 2018. Although the program is still in the development stage, NCSB is pleased to report that a representative from the National Practitioner Data Bank will be present to provide an update on the data bank, as well as to assist individuals in reporting practice violations to the data bank. There will also be an update on the formation of a licensure compact, and other issues related to the regulation of the professions will be discussed. As always, the State Information Exchange will provide attendees with an opportunity to share successes and challenges. REGISTRATION BROCHURES CONTAINING A FINALIZED PROGRAM AND HOTEL INFORMATION WILL BE SENT TO BOARDS THIS SUMMER.


The Tysons Corner Marriott on Leesburg Pike in Vienna, Virginia will host the 31st annual NCSB conference. The hotel is located within walking distance of the Tysons Corner Mall and is convenient to a number of restaurants. A rate of $139 per night will be provided for registrants, as well as complimentary internet service. HOTEL REGISTRATION INFORMATION WILL BE PROVIDED IN THE BROCHURE SENT THIS SUMMER.




Dialogue continues with NCSB, the Council of State Governments (CSG), and ASHA regarding interstate compacts for Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists.. Since the September NCSB meeting in New Orleans, the CSG Speech-Language Hearing Advisory Group members have been engaged in monthly phone conferences as well as a face-to-face meeting in October at the CSG offices in Washington, DC.
Members of the CSG Speech-Language Hearing Advisory Group include a diverse group of audiologists, speech-language pathologists, executive directors, and state legislators. The following attendees participated in the face-to-face meeting in Washington:



Miranda Ross (GA) – Board Chair, Aud

Florence Cueno (AL) – Board Chair, Aud

Nancy Pajak (WY) – Board Member, Aud

Richard Cram (NM) – Board Chair, Aud


State Legislators

Sen. Stephan Pappas (WY)


Speech-Language Pathologists

Luis Riquelme (NY) – Board Past Chair, SLP

Sherry Sancibrian (TX)  – Board Chair, SLP

Julia Lidgard (UT) – Board Member, SLP


Executive Directors

Erin Haag (OR) – Board ED

Gregg Thornton (OH) – Board ED


Board Attorneys

NahaleKalfas (NC) – Board Attorney



Kerri Phillips (LA)

Department of Defense

Marcus Beauregard – DOD


Council of State Governments

Mike McCabe – CSG

Dan Logsdon – CSG

John Mountjoy - CSG



Susan Adams

The group was led in discussion by Mike McCabe, CSG, to discuss if a need existed for an interstate compact for the professions of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. The group identified many reasons for a compact including: telepractice/rural needs, military spouses, costs of multiple licenses, consumer protection, portability of licensure, and disciplinary information sharing/database. The Advisory Group reviewed and discussed three different compact models: Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact, and the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact.

Further discussion centered around what should be included in a compact for audiologists and speech-language pathologists. The Advisory Group discussed the need to be able to address the purpose of the compact; the types of licenses that should be given and who grants them; how one qualifies for a license; how disciplinary actions would be addressed; could reinstatement occur after a disciplinary action; the types of information to include in databases; telehealth requirements; structure of a compact commission including its power and duties; and how to finance a commission.

What are the next steps?
During the February 14, 2018 teleconference meeting, the Advisory Group decided to move to the next step which is to move discussion to a drafting team. The charge of the drafting team will be to begin developing the compact using the Advisory Group’s recommendations. On March 20th, the Advisory Group will review the charge to the drafting team and the members of the drafting team.




Each year at its Corporate Business meeting, NCSB recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the professions through involvement with licensure. Two awards have been established to honor individuals, and these include Honors of the Association and the Special Recognition Award. Briefly, Honors of the Association is intended to recognize an individual for his/her exemplary contributions to NCSB, to a licensing board in the state, or to an individual employed by an organization or other entity that addresses regulatory concerns for the professions. The Special Recognition Award is given to individuals who have demonstrated exemplary commitment and contributions in the area of regulation at the state level. Criteria for these awards and detailed nomination procedures can be found at  NCSB encourages member boards to respond to the Call for Nominations for these two awards. Recipients will be recognized at the Business Meeting Friday, October 5, 2018.




NCSB is seeking nominations to fill the positions of President-Elect and three Board members. In keeping with the Bylaws, the President-Elect must be selected from the current Board of Directors. Directors eligible to serve as President-Elect are:

  • Amy Goldman
  • Tracy Grammer
  • Nahale Kalfas
  • Alison Lemke
  • George Murphree
  • Doreen Oyadomari
  • Gregg Thornton
  • Glenn Waguespack

The requirements for a member of the Board of Directors are that the nominee be either a board member or an individual member from a state board that is currently an NCSB member. Such individual may be a licensed speech-language pathologist, s licensed audiologist, a board administrator, a board attorney, or a public member of the board. The Bylaws stipulate that at least two Directors be speech-language pathologists and two be audiologists. As such, one of the elected individuals in this election must be an audiologist.

A call for nominations will be sent to member boards in late Spring. Member boards may submit nominations from this notice as well as by sending nominations by email to Once the nominations have been received and nominees have agreed to serve, an official ballot will be forwarded to member boards for voting. The individual(s) elected will be recognized at the Fall Business Meeting and will take office January 1, 2019.




NCSB encourages interested individuals/board to join NCSB. Categories of membership are as follows:

  1. Full Membership - Organizations eligible to apply for Full Membership are those boards, advisory councils, committees, or comparable bodies which conduct and maintain programs for the licensing of speech-language pathologists and audiologists in their respective states or provinces. The cost for Full Membership is $450.
  2. Individual Membership - This category is available to any individual who presently has served as a member, executive director, administrator, or attorney affiliated with a speech-language pathology and/or audiology board. Additionally, any SLP or AUD holding current licensure and with an interest in regulatory matters is entitled to apply for this affiliation. Individual members from states that are member boards in good standing shall receive discounted membership. The cost for Individual Membership is $35 for individuals whose state is a member board and $50 for individuals residing in states that do not hold membership in NCSB.
  3. Association Membership - This category refers to organizations that either directly or indirectly provide services to individuals with communication disorders and whose members are impacted by licensing or certification of SLPs and AUDs. Individuals may also apply for this level of membership; however, membership is restricted to individuals who are members of an organization eligible to apply for Association Membership. The cost of Association Membership is $450.00.

All levels of membership can be accessed by logging on to




Last year during its election process, Gregg Thornton was elected to join the NCSB Board of Directors. Gregg, who serves as the Executive Director of the Ohio Speech and Hearing Professionals Board, manages board operations, board directives, and licensure requirements for over 10,000 practitioners. He was responsible for implementing the Board’s two-hour ethics continuing education requirement, and has presented on the topic of ethics and ethical dilemmas related to licensure. Mr. Thornton is an attorney with over twenty-five years of experience in state government in the area of administrative law. NCSB welcomes Gregg to the Board of Directors and knows that his vast experience in the area of professional licensure will be an asset to NCSB as it continues with its mission to provide information about licensure to all states.





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